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Study Medical Courses in Georgia

“What are the benefits of MBBS in Georgia?” Study medical courses in Georgia is the most traditional question that strikes the mind of every medical aspirant. In the following article, you will come across the advantages to help you choose medicine in Georgia

Despite not being a European country nor a member of the European Union, Georgia is a hot favourite destination for students to pursue MBBS program. One of the main reasons for the same is it follows the European study pattern of ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). It is profitable for the students as it gives them a better opportunity to pursue higher education in European countries. Not only this, but there are other benefits as well. For instance, 

No language proficiency test or entrance test required 

For MBBS in Georgia, you don’t need to give an exam for language proficiency. Neither you are supposed to appear for any competitive exam in Georgia. Whereas, in countries you are required to give a competitive exam apart from NEET. In Georgia, you only need to qualify NEET which is mandatory for other countries as well. Study medical Georgia University is affordable.

Affordable fee structure 

In India, if you want to study MBBS in a private college, you must have a strong financial background. It is because the fee for the same goes up to 1 crore. Whereas, in Georgia, the fee structure for the MBBS course is not even half of the amount. You may study MBBS program in Georgia with an affordable fee structure of up to 20 lacs. It may depend on the college you choose

Favourable weather

In winters, the average temperature is 1 degree and in summers, it is 38 degrees. The weather is quite favourable for Indian students. It is because India experiences similar weather conditions. Therefore, it is easier for the students to adjust in Georgia rather than any other country. Whereas, in other countries, the minimum temperature may go below -15 degrees

Exposure to international conference and seminars 

In Georgia, during the medical course, students can participate in international conferences and seminars related to the field. It allows them to gain knowledge on various aspects apart from the theoretical studies. It is also worthwhile for the students in the career for experience and exposure 

Well-built hospitals and medical institutions

Since 2014, Georgia has shown a well-functioning economy and has been ranked first as an economic reformer by the World Bank. The government has spent well on various sectors including hospitals and medical institutions. Hospitals in Georgia are well-built with the latest technology and equipment. It provides students the required exposure for their career 

Educonabroad hopes that the information in the above article will help you facts why you should choose Georgia.

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