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Coronavirus Impact on International students

Coronavirus pandemic came to India later, the countries abroad were the first who became a casualty to it. Though some Indians were affected by the situation due to the exposure of this virus, but some were already in trauma because of its fatal effects. The reason being approx. 400,000 Indian students study abroad and families of these students have been in agony since then. 

France, Italy, Canada, the US, China, Ukraine, Russia, and other European countries, almost every country called out for shut down. The schools, offices, markets, malls, supermarkets, etc. everything was closed. Some universities and colleges abroad started online classes, lectures, and exams to make sure that the course doesn’t get affected. 

The Indian government announced that the country will close its borders from March 13, 2020, for a month to maintain mandatory quarantined in such a calamitous situation. The authorities invited Indian students abroad and those on vacation back to the country. The announcement struck the students abroad as well as their families as it was done on a short and urgent basis.

Impact on Indian students abroad

The coronavirus pandemic affected the availability of flights and their price. Students were perplexed if they should travel back or not. They were concerned as the student visa may get expired. Moreover, the countries abroad were shut and it was difficult for the students to even reach the airport. Even if some of the students managed to reach the airport, there were no flights and they were disheartened.

To pacify the students, it was conveyed that relaxations may be offered to Indian students. If the visa expires and they would not lose an academic year. The news was a relief to students. But their families were still concerned as it was a matter of life and death.

Impact on the families

Since a good number of Indian students have not been able to return to the country, the families are affected by the ordeal. The families have been feeling helpless. The students abroad are stuck in a situation that may affect their life and career.

India too is prevailing from shut down and locals are advised to stay home. As of now, the best Indians can do is pray for this catastrophe to end all over the world. 

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