MBBS abroad exams with admission

MBBS abroad Exams & MCI Screening

Are there any MBBS abroad exams? This is the most probable question that tinkers mind of an MBBS aspirant who wants to study MBBS abroad. You will discover the same in the following article.

In abroad, a lot of countries have colleges and universities approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI). From that list, you can choose the college you want to pursue MBBS from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, etc. are some of the most preferred countries to name a few. Students from across the globe apply for MBBS in these well-recognized countries. The reasons for the same are

  • International curriculum.
  • Approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and commissioned with MCI.
  • Quality education with an affordable fee structure.
  • Smooth admission process.
  • NO Entrance Exam required to study MBBS in these destinations.

There are countries where entrance exams to study MBBS abroad are a must. Contact Educon Abroad, study MBBS abroad consultants to know more about such countries.
You may find out other countries as well where you don’t need to give any entrance exam for MBBS. But you must give one if you want to practice in India. If it provoked your mind, continue reading the following article.

MCI Screening Test 

If you study MBBS abroad and want to practice in India, you must give MCI Screening Test. It is also known as the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE). This exam is conducted twice a year, in June and December by the National Boards of Examination (NBE).

The MCI Screening test has 2 exams i.e. Pre-clinical or Non-clinical and Clinical exams. Each of these is 150 marks each and the total for the same is 300 marks. To clear this exam, you must score at least 150 marks altogether. It can be 100 & 50, 90 & 60, 80 &70, etc.

Those who score 150 and above are considered qualified in this exam. Soon after the results, you must apply for an internship at the respective Medical Council, followed by an MCI interview.

Replacement of MCI Screening Test 

A lot of buzzes are there about the replacement of MCI Screening test. Through sources, Educon Abroad came to know that as per a recent amendment by the National Medical Commission, (NMC) a bill was proposed in Rajya Sabha. According to the NMC bill, soon MCI Screening test may get replaced by National Exit Test (NEXT). The bill has been approved by the Union government and may get implemented after the year 2022.

Till then, the MCI Screening test is functional. Moreover, you can apply for the same from April 15th, 2020.
To know how to prepare or crack the MCI Screening test and get ready for the interview, contact counselors at Educon Abroad.

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