MBBS in Russia with admission

Facts about MBBS Russia

Facts about MBBS in Russia are a must for students who wish to study medicine. One of the main reasons for the same is the budget. In Russia, the fee structure to study MBBS is comparatively less as compared to Indian private medical colleges. If you have plans to pursue medicine in Russia, you must know some facts about it 

Course duration 

The duration of the MBBS course in Russia is 6 years and a year of internship. It offers both clinical and non-clinical experiences to the students during the course. Also, when opting for the MBBS program, make sure you opt for an English medium university. It is because a bilingual university teaches first 3 years in English and rest in Russian. Whereas, an English medium university covers the entire course in English. They also teach Russian as an additional language for basic patient interaction 

Strict education

You should only opt for the MBBS program in Russia if you can work hard. The reason being, the universities in Russia are strict when it comes to education. For instance, they want timely submission of assignments or projects, good attendance, decent performance in tests and examinations, etc. 

NEET Scorecard mandatory

To study MBBS in Russia, you must qualify NEET. Even if you have just qualified NEET, you are eligible to apply. If you have a preferred university, you may check if they require specific NEET Scores. Also, you must score an aggregate of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to meet the eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia 

Fee structure

In Russia, you can pursue MBBS at a cost of 4-5 lacs per year inclusive of tuition and hostel fee. In case the student indulges in any other activity, the charges for the same may vary. Apart from this, the cost of living and food is also affordable as compared to other foreign countries. There are option to get Scholarship for MBBS in Russia.

Colder weather as compared to India

Russia is colder than India. The temperature in winters can go below -5 degrees. If you are someone who can adjust with the weather, great. If not, you can prepare yourself for it or choose another country 

MCI coaching available

As mentioned above, Russia is strict when it comes to education. The idea is to impart quality education to the students. For the same, some universities provide MCI coaching to Indian students. Therefore, when you choose a university in Russia make sure it provides MCI coaching 

Though Educon Abroad has tried its best to list all crucial facts about MBBS in Russia. If you have any other query or doubts related to the article above or student visa for Russia, contact our counselors. 

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