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About MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine is on your mind? Why do MBBS from Ukraine? Fret not. Educon abroad, your study MBBS abroad consultant can help you decide if it is beneficial for you. In the following article, Educon abroad has accumulated a list of must-know facts to study the MBBS program in Ukraine.

Facts to study the MBBS program in Ukraine-

6-year course along with local language training 

The duration of the MBBS course in Ukraine is 6 years. The first two years are non-clinical. From the third semester, marks the beginning of clinical exposure. The remaining three years are clinical. It ensures that practical knowledge is imparted to the students and they receive maximum exposure. Moreover, the basics of native language are taught to the students to interact with the patient 

Bologna process 

Ukraine adopted the Bologna process in 2005. Since then, the quality of education has improved. As per the process, the colleges take regular tests as well as module tests in every 2-3 weeks. Each of these tests has a passing range and anything below the passing range is questionable. These tests ensure that the quality of education is maintained

MCI coaching provided by the consultants

After the completion of the course, you must return to India and give MCI Screening. MCI Screening Test is an exit exam for students who study MBBS abroad. At times, it is difficult for the students to qualify for the exam. The reason being MBBS in Ukraine is different from India. To overcome the same, students must prepare for it during the course. Some consultants in abroad conduct MCI coaching from the initial year. Students can get in touch with such consultants for the same

Colder temperature

Ukraine is a European country and therefore, it is colder as compared to India. The temperature goes lower than -5 degrees. For an Indian student, it may become difficult to adjust to such extreme weather conditions that they aren’t used to. But, if you can adapt to such condition, Ukraine is probably the best option

Some necessary stuff is costly

Some daily stuff you may need on regular basis is costly in Ukraine. For instance, stationary like pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, scale and highlighters, etc. Some other daily essential that may be costly or you may be unable to find them are hair oil, Indian medicines, traditional costumes for an occasion, Indian spices, season appropriate clothes, needle and thread to sew in case of emergency, etc.

If you are considering to study MBBS abroad, MBBS in Ukraine is one of your best options. Moreover, these facts will help you choose the right country that suits your budget and is a best fit.

If you want to know about the Medical Council of India (MCI) approved universities in Ukraine, search online or contact Educon aborad, your study MBBS abroad consultant

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