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NEET Counselling for open states

Let’s understand the counselling procedure for open states. An open state allows you to apply for the reserved 15% of seats for MBBS admission in India. You don’t need to be a domicile, a permanent resident of the state. Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand are a few of the open states to apply.

In NEET Counselling, apart from the 85% state quota, students can also apply for the open states. It increases the likelihood of getting a seat in a medical college. It may offer a college with an average fee structure as compared to your home state.

Before you apply, research thoroughly about the colleges, their fee structure, faculty at the college, facilities offered by the college, etc. Also, to apply in an open state, you must know how to refine and strategically plan your counselling. If you fail to do so, it may have an adverse effect. Therefore, you must get some professional help from a counsellor or any known person to guide you in the right direction. Educon abroad, your study MBBS abroad consultant can help you with the same.

To help you succeed and plan your counselling for the open state, here are a few hitches that you must do before the counselling

Shortlist a few colleges

You can’t apply to any college of your preference unless you match the eligibility criteria. Therefore, you must shortlist a few colleges whose eligibility criteria matches your NEET score

Check seat availability

Yes, seat availability plays a crucial role when you apply for an open state. A state may have maximum, minimum or average seat availability for MBBS. You can apply to any state with maximum or minimum seat availability. In both cases, the probability of getting a seat is higher

Dig deeper about the insights of colleges 

Once you have shortlisted the colleges, research adequately. Whether it is the fee structure, accreditation of the college, faculty, quality of education, facilities available, etc. Go and see the college in-person if possible. Interact with teachers and students studying in the college. It will give you an idea about the insights of colleges

Take reference from the previous year cut-offs 

To have an idea about the college’s cut-off, you may take reference from the previous year’s cut-off. It will guide you whether your NEET Score will match with the college’s expected cut-off. It will help you make the final decision 

Fill only the probable colleges

During choice filling, you must fill only the probable colleges whose cut-off matches with yours. Keep in mind, if you do not get a seat; you may have to register for mop-up round and pay the registration fee again

Incorporate these key points in your strategic planning for NEET Counselling in open states and enhance the chances of acquiring a medical seat.

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