MBBS in Kyrgyzstan merits with admission

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is good or bad? 

To study MBBS in abroad, a lot of students have opted for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan in the last few years. Since there are noises among students for the MBBS program, Educonabroad has decided to raise the curtain from such unspoken truths.  

With the help of this article, you will be able to decide whether MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is good for your career or not.  

Duration of the program  

In countries like Ukraine and Russia, the duration of the MBBS program is 6 years (internship excluded). Whereas, in Kyrgyzstan, it is 5 years. After the course, you must do 10 months internship in India to ensure completion of MBBS. It means that you get to save a year’s fee, a year’s time and spend the extra time to prepare for the MCI screening test 

Affordable fee structure  

The fee structure in Kyrgyzstan is affordable as compared to countries like Canada, Ukraine, Russia, etc. Fee for the entire course along with tuition fee and living expenses is approx. 16-18 lacs. Moreover, the monthly expense for an individual is Rs. 8500 which is quite economical 

English medium courses  

Countries like Russia, China, and Ukraine, etc. offer bi-lingual courses. They teach half of the course in English and half course in the native language. At times, students get confused and choose the wrong university. Whereas, Kyrgyzstan offers English medium courses in all the universities. They teach the basics of local language for patient interaction in the final year. It means that you can choose any of the MCI and WHO approved medical college in Kyrgyzstan without being worried about the language 

MCI coaching available  

If you are an Indian student, you must appear for the MCI screening test when you come back to India. The test checks your credibility to practice in India. To pass the test, you must pursue MCI coaching during the MBBS course. Medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan understand the same and hence, provides MCI coaching along with the course. They prepare the students to clear MCI entrance exam 

Hostel accommodation 

When you are far from the home country, it is difficult to find a place to stay for the entire course. Most of the medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan provide hostel accommodation to the students. When you will finalize the university, make sure you check the types of accommodation offered based on your budget 

Indian mess available  

A lot of parents/guardians think that MBBS abroad isn’t a good option as students miss the food at home. The situation will not be the same in Kyrgyzstan. Medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan have Indian messes that provide good quality Indian food. Whether you are pure vegetarian or prefer non-vegetarian food as well, everything is taken care of by the mess. Not only this, you may also choose to cook your food if you have spare time 

With so many advantages, you can finally decide whether MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is good for you or not. To know more about MCI recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan or the admission process, contact us at +91-8448444235. You may also write to us at info@educonabroad.com 

Educon abroad has a team of experienced counsellors and advisors who will answer all your queries patiently and will provide you a relevant solution. If you already have a preferred medical college, good; if not, the advisors will brief you about benefits of each college. Accordingly, you may choose the right medical for self.  

Not only this, our team of experts will help you prepare the documentation required for the application process. In case of personal interview with the college, they will help you prepare for the same as well. Moreover, if your application gets accepted, the experts will also guide with visa and its documentation. As soon as your visa approves, Educon abroad will also help you with pre- and post-arrival in the country. To know speak with us, call us on the helpline number mentioned above.  

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