NEET Counselling steps with Admission

NEET Counselling Steps

You must know NEET Counselling Steps to lock a seat in a medical college. In India, counselling is an aggressive procedure. It requires planning, refinement and a good strategy or else you may lose a seat. At times, someone with an average rank in NEET gets seat in a reputed medical college. Whereas, someone with a good rank fails to lock the seat in a reliable college. This is because they lack the required knowledge and preparation.

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In the following article, we have compiled a list of mistakes to avoid during counselling in MBBS in Bangalore, IndiaIt locks the seat in a medical college. 

Avoid last-minute preparation

Make sure you avoid last-minute preparations for counselling in MBBS. Prepare for it in advance as it requires in-depth knowledge of colleges, seat availability, fee structure, location, and the most important eligibility criteria, etc. Only prior knowledge about the entire process is beneficial for your career

Negligence towards registration process

Registration is a crucial step in the comprehensive process of MBBS counselling. It can be online as well as offline. At times, students and parents show negligence towards this process. Keep in mind, negligence towards registration process may close the doors for a better opportunity 

Ensure the correct arrangement of college

Since seat requirement and eligibility criteria for each student varies, the arrangement for medical colleges varies. Do not be a follower of a friend or others, identify your need, check the eligibility criteria and based on the same take your final decision 

Don’t wait for the mop-up round

Despite an average rank, a lot of students wait for the mop-up round to grab any leftover seats. Doing the same may take away your existing opportunity. Therefore, try to lock a seat in the first or by the second round. It is better to have an opportunity rather than not having any 

Pre-plan the colleges or an alternative career

You must pre-plan everything previously like colleges you can apply for, eligibility criteria, seat availability, fee structure, etc. If you plan to pursue MBBS through a government college only, plan for an alternative course in advance; in case of private medical college, manage the possibilities accordingly

Capital management

Being a dynamic process, you must prepare for backup plans before the NEET Counselling rather than a sudden decision. For instance, in case you change your mind and plans to opt for MBBS through a private medical college. Ensure that you have a capital arrangement in hand to avoid last-minute hassle

Don’t fall for the fraud consultants

Lack of knowledge regarding MBBS as well as the course pushes you to connect with consultants. There are consultants in the market who charge you for the seats where you have a good chance and you become prey to such fraud consultants. Be aware of the same. Even if you need assistance, get some professional help 

Re-check the details before submission

There have been cases where students haven’t received their refund fee. It may be because of some incorrect information. Another reason could be that your refund was forfeited. The reason can be some major mistakes done while filling the details. Hence, always re-check before submission

Don’t restrict your opportunities

If you couldn’t lock a seat during NEET Counselling steps for MBBS in Bangalore or India, don’t get disheartened. Be open to explore other opportunities in the medical sector. Also, there are countries and medical colleges abroad that allows you to study MBBS abroad in a safer environment with an affordable fee structure

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