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New Zealand has made big strides in the area of international education in the last few years. From high quality education to unbeatable lifestyle, this is a wonderful place to live and learn.

It has a varied education system with 8 universities, 16 Institutes of Technology & Polytechnics and a number of private institutions, all known for world class education. The New Zealand study abroad experience is one of a kind with perfect programs for students from almost every major.

The education system is controlled with strong quality assurance systems which gives you the flexibility to pick the institution of your choice, in the city or town of your preference, and be rest assured of quality education.

Due to these reasons, New Zealand has developed as an ideal study destination.

Top Institutions, Top Global Universities In New Zealand Just For You!

NZ for International Students

New Zealand has been gaining ground as a popular study destination among international students owing to the numerous advantages the country offers. Globally recognised as a provider of quality education, courses less expensive as compared to the US and the UK, high-quality living conditions, and excellent opportunities for employment on completion of studies, are a few reasons worth mentioning. The country also offers prestigious scholarships to international students applying for Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees. The support services to study in New Zealand for international students are among the best in the world and the country is welcome to immigration more than almost any other country.

Why Study in NZ ?

New Zealand is the world’s second most peaceful country with all the 8 State-Funded Universities in the top 3% world university rankings. The country has lower cost of education and living compared to other study abroad destinations. Flexible entry requirements and rolling intakes with the possibility of admissions throughout the year provide greater scope for international students to get admission in New Zealand. Scholarships are offered to students from over 90 countries and India is one among them. Fast visa processing, internships, part time job opportunities, post study work visa up to 3 years and an opportunity for permanent residence make New Zealand the perfect study abroad destination.

Universities & Courses

High Ranked Universities

  • Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington
  • University of Canterbury, Christchurch
  • University of Waikato, Hamilton, North Island
  • Lincoln University, Lincoln
  • Auckland University of Technology, Auckland

Popular Courses

  • Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Logistic and Supply Chain Management
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management

Advantages of Study In New Zealand

Study in New Zealand may be little expensive. But you would experience the worth education environment and good quality education. It’s really worth considering overseas education in New Zealand. Because the country maintains the global benchmark of quality education. Study in New Zealand may provide you the amazing guidance for higher education.

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