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Parent’s role in clearing MBBS in India

As a Parent Guide MBBS India, you must feel proud that your child is preparing for 
MBBS in India
. Being a reputed course, it receives approx. 15 lacs applications. Out of which, half of the applications qualify for the course through NEET. Moreover, to pursue MBBS in your preferred college, you must achieve the required NEET rank and score. It explains the competing level of this exam.

Because of the same, there have been times when students get scared, discouraged or unable to concentrate on their studies. Such mental pressure, phobia or anxiety isn’t fruitful for a student. It may affect the performance of the student in the medical exam. Here, parents have a key role to play in such a situation. 

We at Educon India acknowledge the same. Therefore, here’s what parents can do that benefit the child in clearing the medical entrance exam

  • Be aware of the child’s studying schedule: While preparing for NEET, every child must attempt different assignments and mock tests. A parent’s role here is to be aware or keep a check on the child’s studying schedule. Don’t be strict but motivate them to study smarter and in a focused manner. For instance, you may mark dates on a calendar, help them manage the schedule accordingly, etc. 
  • Plan daily routine: Irregular study hours and poor study routines affect the overall preparation. In this situation, one must have a planned daily routine. A student may find it difficult to create, manage and follow the same. As a parent, you can create a daily routine for your child. It must have enough breaks as studying for prolong hours is also ineffective. Also, ensure that the child follows the routine  
  • Get a mock test for practice: If you think studying is the only way to clear the entrance exam for medical, you are certainly wrong. Learning alone, can’t prepare your child for NEET. Ask them, if they are attempting any assignments or mock tests. If not, collect previous year papers, mock tests, etc. Sit and plan with the child to give at least one mock test weekly. These tests will be fruitful as they prepare the child mentally 
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle: Studying makes the lifestyle sedentary. It may lead to certain health issues such as lethargy, heavy breathing, uneasiness, etc. To overcome the same, a student must follow a healthy lifestyle. As a parent, push your child to follow the same. Encourage him to practice yoga & meditation to enhance mental strength, maintain a balanced diet, indulge in physical exercises like running, cycling or sports, etc. 
  • Support them mentally: When preparing for the medical entrance exam a child is bound to undergo mental stress and pressure. The best way to support them is to prepare them mentally. Speak to them about their goals to encourage them and guide them to have a backup plan in case of failure. It will assure that the child is aware of their parent’s love and support. If possible, speak to them about studying MBBS abroad  

Parent Guide MBBS India, above-mentioned are a few ways that parents can use to support their child preparing for MBBS in India. There are other ways as well you can guide your child about like counseling procedure, acquiring a seat, cut-off trends, etc. To know more about such guides, contact Educon India

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