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MBBS at low cost

Almost every medical aspirant wants to attempt MBBS at low cost, which is tough. The best approach to do MBBS at an affordable price is to get a rank in a government medical college. Since seats are limited, it becomes difficult for students to compete. 

If you couldn’t make up for any of the government medical colleges, don’t get discouraged. There is still a possibility that you get admission in a low-cost medical college. The following article will educate you about the same and will help you fulfil your goal. 

The alternative approach to get admission in a low-cost MBBS college is through NEET Counselling. It may surprise you; but, if you prepare for your counselling strategically and logically, it can help you get a seat in medical college with low fees. 

To pursue MBBS at low cost, there are certain things you must keep in mind, they are 

  • Keep options expanded for the first round: The first and foremost rule of counselling in NEET is to always keep your options expanded in the first round. If you are offered a seat in any college, check the fee structure, other requirements and accept it. If you find any better options, you may upgrade it in the second round 
  • Do not apply to the colleges hastily: Students who apply for 5 colleges in different states, understand, it is useless. The reason being, one can’t be present in 2 different states at once. Instead, apply for a maximum of 2 options within a state. It is easier to travel even if the counselling dates overlap
  • Check eligibility criteria: Don’t apply to any medical college because your friends have applied for it. You must check the eligibility criteria of every college before you apply. Apply for the colleges whose requirements match your profile. It intensifies your chances of getting a seat in the medical college 

Let’s discuss some of the techniques you can use during counselling in NEET to study MBBS at low cost

  • Based on your NEET rank and score, shortlist a list of colleges. It may require you to go through the prospectus of each college. Also don’t forget to include relevant information like fee structure, facilities offered, faculty, etc. 
  • Check eligibility for open states: Apart from your home state, open states are also an option to get a medical seat based on your rank. But, before you apply for any open state, ensure that you read rules and regulations as well as eligibility criteria for the same 
  • Another important technique to keep in mind when you apply is choice filling. Arrange the list of probable colleges as per your preference. It assures that you get a seat if any of your arranged colleges have a seat
  • Check the availability of seats while applying for the colleges. Always apply for the colleges with maximum and minimum seats. The reason for the same is in each case the chances of getting a seat are strong 

Apart from this, you must pay attention to keeping your mind calm. Don’t panic even if anything goes unplanned. Breathe deeply and calm yourself down. A calm mind can help you conquer anything. 

For any other query related to NEET Counselling, contact Educon India. 


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