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Reasons for student visa rejection

Have your student visa to Canada is rejected? Before you apply for a student visa for Canada, you must check a few things that may cause reasons for rejection of student visa . Apart from a good population, a lot of immigrants, as well as students, visit Canada every year. For the same reason, the visa approval process is rigorous. Some of the reasons that lead to visa rejection are incomplete documents, invalid passport, incorrect information when applying for the visa, etc. 

There are other reasons as well that may cause rejection of a student visa. In the following article, let’s ascertain the reasons that get your student visa to Canada rejected.

Insufficient funds

One of the reasons that affects student visa application is deficit funds. According to the Canadian government, you must have at least CAD 10,000 for each year during the stay. Make sure you have enough funds for the same. It will prove that you can sponsor your tuition fee as well as daily living expenses. If any relative/spouse/sibling is accompanying you to Canada, the funds should be enough to sponsor you both 

Academic performance 

In Canada, education quality is high. To pursue any course in the country, make sure you check the minimum percentage required for the same. For instance, in the case of medical colleges, you must score a specific in 12th grade. It may vary from college to college. If you want to apply to a college, you must crosscheck the required academic performance 

Letter of acceptance 

In many cases, students apply for a student’s visa before they receive a letter of acceptance. It may lead to the rejection of a student visa. It is because the letter of acceptance is a crucial document that must be submitted when you apply for the visa. Not adhering to the same may cause its rejection 

IELTS/TOEFL scorecard

To pursue MBBS/MD in Canada or any other course, you must have proficiency in English. The proficiency test can be done either through IELTS or TOEFL. In the case of IELTS, you must have a band of at least 7 to get your visa approved. On the other hand, in TOEFL, it is 86, 20 in each of the four components. If you wish to apply for any specific college, you may check the requirement of the score on the college’s website 

Different study program 

Another reason that leads to the rejection of a student visa is a study program different from the background. For instance, to apply for MBBS/MD in Canada, you must clear 12th from science and have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. If you apply with a different study program, your application will get rejected 

Proof temporary stay 

When you apply for a student visa, make sure you prove that you only plan to stay temporarily and not permanently. To support the same, you may attach documents from your current employer, business or family details, etc. They will assure the officials that you will return to your home country as soon as you complete your course 

Re-applying student visa for Canada 

If your student visa gets rejected, you may re-apply for the same. Before you re-apply for the student visa, make sure you evaluate your application and all the essential documents thoroughly. It is suggest that you take professional guidance for the same. Another rejection may cause a problem for your profile. 

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