Educonabroad provides expert counselling in the following areas:

Educon Abroad will provide you with free education counselling, financial estimation, visa assistance, travel arrangements and career guidance. We make sure that you get the best place to study MBBS in the world with high class education.

Career Counseling

Which country offers best courses to study? Is my profile suitable for the university I wish to apply for? Are there any employments placements provided by the college? How do I prepare for a specific university or college? Will this help me develop my career?

If such questions often mess up with your mind, you need career counselling. Our veteran Counsellors educate you about the same. Such one-on-one sessions will guide you and your parents. A guided information is always beneficial specially in the early years of education that help you set a goal

Profile Analysis

For a student it is important to look at all possible careers during the early years of education which is helpful in the long run.

A complete analysis of a student’s profile will help the counsellor to guide for the same.

You can analyze self accordingly and look at various options that can help you build a better career option. Moreover, the ablest counsellors will be able to suggest you from a vast network of universities that have best possible courses based on your profile

Admission assistance, Scholarship and Financial Aid

Personalized counselling sessions with our counsellor helps you choose college from world-renowned universities. It also aids in admission assistance which assures applying for the same in a prescribed manner.

Getting a scholarship for abroad education is more like a consent. Hence, our counsellors will keep you updated about any scholarships or when are they available. We also ensure financial aid to our valued customers whether it is managing the finances, convenient personal loans, currency exchange as well as getting them settled etc.

Pre-Departure Briefing

We understand your family’s concern especially if flying abroad is your first venture. Hence, before you fly, you must know what all needs to be taken care of, whom to contact when you reach, accommodation, how to reach the college or university and an entire what to do and what not to do list etc.

Crucial information like these falls under pre-departure briefing. Seminars under the same will clear any prevailing doubts or fears in yours or parent’s mind and bring you closer towards your goal .

Post-Arrival Abetment

Since we believe in long term relationship with each of our student, we will be available to you even after the admission until you complete the tenure. Airport pick-up, accommodation, insurance, medical provisions, coordination with a local representative, part-time jobs etc. everything that comes under post-arrival abetment will be taken care of. Moreover, our counsellors who have studied abroad, will pilot you in the right direction. In any affliction or infirmity, you or your parents must feel free to connect with us. Let us help you serve better!

Visa Guidance

Applying for visa is a critical yet sophisticated process and therefore, should be accurate. In order to help you apply for the legitimate visa, our visa counsellors are always on the move. You will be provided free visa counselling, file preparation and mock training for visa interviews.
As we are always in touch with the embassy for updated news, it has helped us in keeping our students up to date about any upcoming or ongoing changes in the process. It has also acquired us an impressive visa success rate.

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