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Singapore has a progressive education system with an excellent standard on all levels. Higher education is cheaper than most of the other destinations and it is a clean and safe country. It has a multicultural society and is popular as an education and business hub. The institutes in Singapore are globally valued by employers. It is the financial center of Southeast Asia and offers a wholesome experience to students. The universities in Singapore have collaboration with many universities in the world making it a truly global destination for higher studies.

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Singapore At a Glance

Singapore has an equatorial humid climate with a lot of beaches on the island. With its rich multicultural heritage, it is home to expats from all over the world. The citizens of Singapore are considered as the highest paid in the world and it is one of the safest countries to stay in. Singapore is counted among world’s best tourist destinations with its wildlife conservation and off shore islands. Singapore is popularly known as the business hub of Asia. Its picturesque skyline, architecture and museums are great places to visit.A dynamic hub in the heart of South-East Asia, Singapore is a place where many cultures come together.

Why Study in Singapore

The Universities in Singapore are globally recognized and encourage independent learning. It is one of the best places to pursue a business degree. It has a lot of employment prospects for international students. The student experience in Singapore is truly global because of the numerous collaborations that its institutes have with other universities around the world. It has a reputation that is well known among the employers around the world.Indian students studying in Singapore will not face any problem feeling at home as English widely spoken here and majority of Singaporeans can understand  Malay, Mandarin, Tamil & English, thanks to the multi-racial nature of Singapore.

Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities

  • S P Jain School of Global Management
  • SIM Global Education
  • Curtin Singapore
  • James Cook University
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore

Popular Courses

  • Computing and Information Technologyt
  • Business Management
  • Design (Fashion, Interior, Game) Management
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Engineering and Science

Advantages of Study in Singapore

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