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Student visa for Canada

To study MBBS/MD in Canada, you need to apply student visa for Canada. Before you apply for a visa to study, you must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa. It is provided by the Canadian High Commission and promoted by the visa application centers. 

To continue study in Canada, you must have an outstanding score. It validates you to get a study permit required to enter Canada. It is issued as soon as you arrive in the country. Lets’ learn more about the study permit in Canada

What is a study permit?

The study permit serves as permission for international students to study MBBS/MD in Canada. It permits you to study only in Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). 

Carry all the required documents to Canada along with a Letter of introduction. At the airport, you will meet with the Immigration officer. You need to showcase your documents and letter of introduction to the border control agency office. If your documents are satisfactory, you will be issued the study permit.  

Eligibility Criteria  

To apply for the Canadian student visa, you must be eligible as per the following criteria, i.e.

  • Your application must be accepted by a DLI
  • Adequate funds to pay the tuition fee and bear the cost of living 
  • A certificate from police to prove that you have no criminal record 
  • A medical certificate to prove that you have no communicable diseases and in good health 

Documents required 

When you apply for the Canadian student visa, make sure you have received the acceptance letter from the college. Along with the acceptance letter from recognized DLI, you must submit the following documents

  • A valid passport for the duration of course 
  • Bank statements to prove that you can sponsor your stay as well as education. As per the Canadian government, you need at least CAD 10,000 for each year
  • Passport size photographs not older than 6 months with dimensions 35mm * 45mm
  • An Immigration Medical Examination (IME) from the list of panel doctors. As soon as the examination is completed, the physicians will share the results directly with CIC 
  • English language proficiency test to process your visa application 
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): An essay to prove the purpose of your visit with appropriate reasons 
  • The visa application fee is CAD 160. It must be paid using a credit card as the system only accepts credit cards and not debit cards 

If you want to apply online, ensure that you have a scanned copy of these documents. In the case of offline application, carry true copies. 

Applying student visa for Canada  

As mentioned above, you can apply for the visa online as well as offline. You may check the processing time in each of the two and accordingly apply

  • Online mode: During the online mode, make sure you have a scanned copy of each of the documents as above and a credit card to make the payment. Also, you will have to visit the Visa Application Centre (VAC) to provide finger scan and some other requirements 
  • Offline mode: Carry true copies of the required documents. You may also verify the same from the instruction guide as on the application kit 
  • Pay the fee: In the case of online mode, you can pay the fee with a credit card. In offline mode, payment can be made through demand draft 
  • If any parent/sibling/spouse is accompanying you, you must apply for their temporary resident visa, student work permit for them. The processing fee for the same must be paid separately 

Processing fee 

  • The cost for a study permit in Canada is CAD 150 as on the CIC website 
  • The visa application fee can be paid online as well as offline. VACs only accept cash
  • The service charges for VAC aren’t included in the processing fee. It must be paid separately. Also, don’t forget to take a receipt for each payment made as a proof for the same 

Processing time 

As soon as the medical aspirant applies for the application until it gets finalized is known as the processing time. Although there is no specific time prescribed for the same, you can check the CIC website for the status. 

Study permit renewal 

In case the visa expires before the expected period, you can always apply for its renewal. Ensure that you apply for the renewal at least a month earlier before the current time expires. It can be done online as well as offline based on your choice. 

You can apply for the visa by yourself but make sure you don’t make any mistake. It may lead to rejection of the visa. You may also seek professional help for the same. Educonabroad is one such platform that can help you with visa-related issues. If you want to apply for the student visa or any other type of visa for Canada, contact us on +91-8448444235.

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