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MBBS abroad vs MBBS in India

Study MBBS abroad and MBBS in India are two essential topics in the field of education. The reason being each of these has its benefits. When approx. 13 lacs students applying for admission in a medical school, it is highly competitive as they fight for 65,000 seats in total. If at all a student gets a seat, it becomes difficult for them to purse due to high fees. At times, students with even a good NEET score find it difficult to get a seat in a medical college. In this scenario, the medicine program abroad acts as a godsend for such students. Medical colleges in abroad offer admission at a low cost as compared to India. 

Apart from the fee structure, there are other factors also that insulate MBBS in abroad and in India. In the following article, let’s put a light on such distinct steps. These steps can help you decide the right choice for your career. 

Sectors MBBS in India Study MBBS abroad
Accreditation As soon as you complete MBBS, you must give an Exit exam to start your MBBS practice. The same goes for MBBS abroad. To practice in India, a student must give an exit exam.
Fee structure To pursue MBBS in private medical colleges, the parents or students pay hefty amounts of 70 lacs to up to 1.2 Crore. At times, it is difficult for parents to pay a humongous amount. The students unwillingly look for an alternate career. Whereas, in abroad, the students and parents are relieved when it comes to the fee structure. Medical colleges in abroad offer MBBS at a low price. It may range from 15 lacs to up to 30 lacs including tuition and hostel fee.
Duration of course In India, the duration for the MBBS course is 4.5 years and a year of internship. The duration for the MBBS course depends on the country. In some countries, it is 5 years and in some, it is 6 years. India doesn’t validate internships from some countries. Therefore, it is best to check the validation first before you choose the country.
Language The classroom language for the MBBS course is either English or mother tongue depending upon the state. It is easier for students to interact with teachers and other students. A student in abroad will certainly face a language barrier. But some countries taught MBBS in English medium. In this case, the students also learn the basics of the native language. It helps interact with the local patients as well as students.
Safety If a student wants to study MBBS in India, safety is a concern for girls and sometimes for boys as well. Some parts of India are at times engaged in political things.  The government abroad has special provisions for international students to safeguard their rights and security. Whether there is a girl or boy, safety is rarely a chance.
NEET Requirement You must clear NEET to be a doctor in India. There is no other way. Though NEET is mandatory for abroad too, some countries provide direct admission in MBBS.

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