Study MBBS in Canada with admission

Study MBBS in Canada

To study MBBS in Canada, you must know about the insights of the program. These facts will help you decide if you should go ahead with the course. The following article has a few facts that you must consider before you go for the MBBS program in Canada.

Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. Each province has its different set of rules and regulations for the MBBS program. Therefore, whichever province you will choose, ensure that you match the eligibility criteria and have read its prescribed guidelines. Here, Educonabroad, your study MBBS abroad consultant has enlisted a few facts for you:

A graduate degree is compulsory 

Unlike other countries, you can’t appear for the MBBS program in Canada directly. To pursue a medicine program in Canada, graduation is compulsory and must include chemistry and biology in the curriculum. Some universities prefer graduation of 2 years while some prefer 3 years. When you will choose the university also check the duration of the graduate program they prefer. Accordingly, you may apply for the program 

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Required 

To study MBBS in Canada, IELTS is required. Also, to be eligible, make sure you have a score band of at least 6.5 score band in each of the tests

NEET & MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) for MBBS 

In India, to pursue MBBS, you must qualify NEET. Similarly, for MBBS in Canada, you must qualify MCAT, a pre-requisite for admission. To score good on MCAT, you need to score at least 500 out of 528. For such a score, ensure that you prepare enough for the same. If you are an Indian student, you need to clear NEET as well as MCAT for the MBBS program. Though some universities give admission based on merits. It varies from province to province  

Duration of MBBS/MD in Canada

The MBBS program in Canada is known as MD. The duration for the same is 4 years, 2 years pre-clinical and 2 years of clinical studies

MCC (Medical Council of Canada) evaluating exam 

Even if you get MBBS or MD degree in Canada, you can’t practice in Canada unless you qualify for the MCC evaluating exam. The exam is further sub-divided into MCC QE1 and MCC QE 2 exam. The MCC QE 1 checks the critical medical knowledge and clinical decision-making ability of a candidate. On the other hand, MCC QE 2 measures the skills, competence, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to pursue independent clinical practice

The facts mentioned above will clear the roadblocks in your mind. If you should opt for the MBBS course in Canada or not. If you can work harder and work while you study, Canada can be a good option. Get complete details on Student Visa in Canada formalities.

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