Student Visa for Canada

Visa for Canada is required to witness the beauty of its natural landscapes, spectacular cities, heart-throbbing outdoor activities, diversity in cultures, live weather, French heritage, etc. Not only this, many students now choose to study in Canada Colleges when it comes to abroad. It is also quite popular among countries for its vast culture and heritage.

For more than a decade, a lot of individuals including Indians, have been visiting Canada for studies, business, employment, etc. 

If you think visiting Canada is a piece of cake, you are wrong. To visit Canada, you must have a purpose. For instance, to study, you need a student visa Canada, for travel, you need a visitor visa, to stay in Canada for a temporary period, you need a temporary resident visa, etc. The application for each of the purposes depends on the type of visa. Therefore, you must check the types of visas for Canada before you apply. 

To understand the process of visa application and requirements, let’s assume that you wish to apply for the visitor visa. The visitor visa allows you to visit Canada for vacations

Eligibility criteria

But before you apply for Canada visa application, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned-below

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or above to apply for the visa
  • legitimate passport issued from the governing authorities with at least one blank page, but it shouldn’t be the last page of the passport
  • Translate the required documents in English or French and certify them
  • A court document to prove that you have a clean criminal history
  • Be prepared to pay the application fee as well as visa processing fee
  • Self-attest the documents wherever essential
  • Fill up and sign the Visa Application Centre Consent form 
  • A copy of the current immigration status in Canada or another country 
  • Enough funds to sponsor your stay in Canada 
  • Prepare well for the interview or to give bio-metric information 
  • The Canadian consulate may ask for a medical examination, prepare yourself in advance
  • Deposit enough evidence to prove that you will return to your home country
  • Verify that you do not plan to study or work in Canada 

Documents Required

If you have a strong profile and are eligible for a visitor visa in Canada, all you need to do is apply for it. When you apply for the visitor visa, assure that you have the following documents

  • valid and active passport that must not expire after 6 months
  • Canada visa application form 
  • Documents to prove that you are a resident of the home country 
  • Financial statements to prove that you can sponsor your trip to Canada, which may include your ITR’s, bank statements, etc. 
  • planned itinerary for the tour which must include flight details, your date of arrival, places you will be visiting, accommodation i.e. a hotel booking, departure, etc. 
  • medical certificate to prove that you are healthy if asked by the Canadian consulate

Fulfilling Canada visa requirements in immigration is an elaborate task but the same goes for a tourist visa as well. While going through your Canada visa application, the Canadian consulate has certain questions in mind based on which he approves or rejects the application.

Common reasons for Canada visa rejection

  • Deficiency of funds: If your financial statements or bank statement can’t prove that you can sponsor self in Canada, it will lead to rejection
  • Incomplete documentation: If by mistake, you have missed an important document or have submitted incomplete Canada visa application form, the chances for visa rejection are high
  • Fictitious documents: A lot of visa consultant or individuals intentionally submit fictitious documents to support self. Understand, doing the same will only get your visa rejected
  • Inability to meet health care standards: Canada is known to have an efficient health care system. Therefore, a lot of people are migrating to Canada. If you fail to meet the requirements, your visa will be rejected 
  • No travel history: If you have a travel history, it proves that you are financially capable to travel and haven’t overstayed in any of the countries. Hence, no or poor travel history affects your visa approval
  • The probability to overstay: Tourists who seek employment during their visit to Canada are considered a threat to the Canadians interests; they intend to overstay and drain the resources. Therefore, provide relevant evidence to prove that you don’t aim to study or work during the stay

Tips to improve visa application for Canada

To ease your Canada visa application process, here are a few tips you must read. They will help you increase the chances of Canada visa approval

  • Be clear when you describe your purpose of travel. Also, ensure that the duration of stay matches the purpose of your trip. If you are invited by a friend or family member, provide a detailed invitation letter at the Canadian consulate. It enhances the chances of visa getting approved
  • Use legal documents to support your status in the home country. Also, submit documents that prove your connections. It comforts the consulate that you will return to your country as per the authorized date 
  • Pieces of evidence to prove clean criminal records, financial stability, employment or business. These factors build a stable and consistent profile that increases the probability of visa approval
  • Another crucial tip that you must consider while applying for the Canada visa application is, consult a reliable and professional visa consultant. Don’t fall for the fraudulent who guarantees the visa approval. Search the market well and then finalize the same. The experience and guidance of the right consultant can help you prepare a strong profile 

Though all the possible questions are answered in the above article, for any further queries related to visa for Canada, contact Educonabroad for free visa consultation. 

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