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Want to study MBBS abroad?

A thought that often triggers the mind of medical aspirant is MBBS Abroad tips required to study MBBS abroad. There are less than 70,000 seats in medical college and more than 10 lacs applications. The odds of getting a seat in medical college are peril. In such situations, students often look for an alternative career options or drop a year. Instead, they can choose to study MBBS abroad.

If you are one of those students, planning to study abroad MBBS, the following article is a MUST read. 

Educon Abroad, study MBBS abroad consultant, has created a list of pointers to be kept in mind when you are looking for MBBS in abroad. 

How to choose a country?

To study abroad MBBS, you must carefully choose the country based on 

  • Budget: Since the currency in each country varies, you must verify the fee as per the home country’s currency for the exact budget of medical college 
  • Weather: Some countries are colder than in India. You must check if you can adjust in a country where the temperature goes below zero 
  • Evaluate: Another crucial thing to be kept in mind is to evaluate the country based on the security of foreign students, prevailing situation, upcoming war-like situations, etc. 

How to choose a university?

  • Approved by the MCI: You may choose from n number of universities abroad, but make sure it is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • Government universities: Very much alike India, countries abroad also have government and private universities. Try to apply for government universities as they offer the best infrastructure, modern technology, and equipment, quality education, etc. 
  • Reviews: Reading reviews about any university is the first and foremost thing. Some other crucial things are year of establishment, number of graduated batches and if any Indian student has graduated from the university 

For detailed information on choosing a university, read how to choose the right university to study abroad MBBS

Cost of living 

When a student opts for education abroad, apart from the admission fee there are other expenses as well. It can either be related to extra clothing required, physical activity students may want to participate in, to explore a foreign country, etc. Such factors may increase the cost of living. Hence, choose a country whose estimated cost of living fits your budget. 

Internship program

There are countries whose internship isn’t valid in India. In such a scenario, when a student comes back to India, he/she must complete an internship program of 10 months again after completing the 5- or 6-year course. Instead, select a country whose internship program is valid in India. 

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