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What it is like to study in Canada for international students?

Canada is one of the esteemed countries to study abroad. It ranks 3rd when it comes to the percentage of international students in Canada. Not only this, United Nations (UN) has certified Canada as the best place for students. It is best in terms of accommodation, food, museums, gardens, beaches, public parks, sports facilities and places to discover, etc.

If you want to anticipate whether Canada is a better place to study or not; read the following article to clear your mind. It will guide you how you can work in Canada, the quality education, etc.

Let’s reason out what it is like to study in Canada:

  • Work-permit: If you study in Canada, you can apply for work-permit for either on-campus or off-campus
    • On-campus permit: You can work for your university, faculty members, own business and student organization without a work permit. But you can work only if you have:
      • Full-time post-secondary students at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
      • A valid study permit
      • Social Insurance Number
    • Off-campus permit: You can work outside school premises as a tutor, receptionist, waiter etc. only if you have:
      • A valid study permit that says you are allowed for off-campus work
      • A DLI
      • A 6-month study program that gives you a degree, certificate or a diploma
      • Social Insurance Number
  • Quality education and Scholarships: A degree in Canada is equivalent to a degree in the US, Australia, or any other European country. Moreover, education in Canada is affordable as it offer scholarships that makes it a budget degree
  • College campus opportunities and lifestyle: The colleges in Canada offer various opportunities to students to showcase the talent and to promote learning. Also, it offer amenities such as free access to Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. without any extra cost to the student
  • Safety of the students:  The government, as well as Canadian universities, are concerned about the safety of students. Whether it is health or security, the authorities look after everything. The government makes sure that students stays protected by the measures of law and order
  • Multilingual nation: Being the 3rd preferred country to study abroad, Canada can be known as a multilingual nation. It has students that belongs to different religions, cultures, and countries. Hence, Canada is a culturally rich country

Apart from these, marvelous weather, local lifestyle, friendly nature of the natives, etc. makes it a safer place for students. To know about the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Canada or MD in Canada.

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