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MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Pursuing medical profession is not only a noble choice, but is also extremely rewarding, both, financially and mentally. A chance to save somebody’s life or to help someone recover from illness is both challenging and heroic at the same time. No wonder that millions of students in India aspire to don the white coat and join the legions of Doctors, working around the clock making humanity proud.

But preparing to become a doctor at first can be overwhelming and confusing. There are so many options to choose from but one doesn’t know how to work around this maze of entrance exams and related admissions. Choosing the right University is the single most crucial parameter that will determine not only the next five years of your life but also your whole career as a doctor. No worries, we here at Educon Abroad are here to help and in this article we will take you around the landscape of MBBS courses around the world and help make the right decision.

Why study MBBS Abroad?

A question often asked about MBBS degree is why study abroad when there are so many ‘good’ medical colleges in India? Is it worth the time and effort? Is it financially viable? And if yes where to go and study?

Let try and find the answers to such questions below:

The Journey to MBBS in India:

The journey to become a doctor starts at getting a MBBS degree from a recognized medical college.

Though there are many good colleges in India, the disparity between the number of seats and applications is very huge. To understand this lets take the example of last year, in 2019 almost 15 lakh students appeared in NEET 2019 for a meager 90,000 medical/dental seats combined. This means the ratio of seats to students was unbelievable 1:17 that is, for every seat 17 students took part in the examination. NEET 2020 will be no different.

The only left for those who still want to study in India is to enroll at a private medical college. These colleges do not only have exorbitant fee structures but also demand lakhs in donations. This makes these colleges unaffordable for most.

All this leaves many deserving candidates out and the world loses many great doctors to be. This brings us to International medical universities and what they have to offer.

The Journey to MBBS Abroad:

Once one understands the fundamental problems of studying MBBS in India, it is only but natural to explore the world to choose the college of ones dreams. Studying aboard, opens up a plethora of options in tens of countries all over the world. Your pallet of choice is not limited to what is being offered to you but you become the master of your own destiny. This freedom to choose from a variety of options ensures that you get the best of things the world of Medical Science has to offer.

Let’s start by analyzing the benefits of Studying MBBS ABROAD vis-à-vis Studying MBBS in INDIA.

Advantages of studying abroad:


The biggest benefit of studying abroad is the affordable fees. The total fee for complete degree in many universities abroad is only a fraction of the fee charged by many colleges in India. This makes foreign medical education less expensive and thus improves the return on investment.


This is one of the most important of all reasons to study abroad. In India, parents have to shell out lakhs, just to get their wards enrolled in private medical colleges. This puts a lot of unnecessary financial stress on parents and can even be embarrassing at times. Medical Universities abroad, whether in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia or any other foreign country do not have any such Donation or Capitation fee.


No passing of an entrance test is required to get admission. This removes a lot of stress and anxiety in students’ minds and they can concentrate on their studies better. Other tests like ILETS and TOEFL too are not required in many countries, thus ensuring smooth enrollment.


Though the cost of living depends on the lifestyle a student chooses to live, the average cost of living in most countries is pretty low. In most of the places the average cost of living comes between $100-$150/month. This includes basic overheads. With dollar at Rs.69.50, this is comparable to living costs in India.


Here too foreign universities fare better than their Indian counterparts; the infrastructure is excellent and new. The world class facilities on campus and highly equipped laboratories ensure great education.


One added benefit of studying abroad is the massive international exposure which shapes the personality and brings out the best in students. The cultural exposure of studying in a foreign country is complimented by the amazing experiences which one gathers by attending classes with other students from all over the world.


English is the medium of instruction in all universities abroad. This eliminates the need to study a foreign language; therefore students can focus solely on their medical studies.


Most of the universities offer on-campus hostel facilities. They offer Indian food too in daily meals.

All these benefits offered by Medical Colleges Abroad far out-weigh those offered by Indian Medical Colleges. This article highlights the broad overview of MBBS degree abroad and why it’s worth pursuing!

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