Scholarship for MBBS in Russia with admission

Scholarship for MBBS in Russia

Every year a lot of students apply for Scholarship for MBBS in Russia . You can apply for a scholarship program as well. A scholarship program relieves you from the financial burden. It allows you to focus on your education rather than getting a part-time job to complete your education loan. 

At times, students don’t want to burden the parents even for the economical fee structure. For such students, scholarship programs are a godsend. But to get a scholarship, a student must be capable enough. Let’s understand the eligibility criteria for the scholarship program, benefits covered, and how to apply for the same. 

Eligibility for the scholarship to study MBBS 

A selected group of foreigners, Russians living abroad as well as immigrants can apply for the state scholarship as Russian citizens. It is possible only if they qualify for the entrance exam. In Russia, the entrance exam required to be eligible for scholarship is known as the Uniform State Examination (EGE). 

Every year the Russian government administers state funds in the universities for the welfare of international students. As a result, a few capable students get benefit of the same. Let’s read about the advantages students receive.

Benefits covered under the scholarship

The scholarship for MBBS in Russia entitles you for 

  • The free tuition fee for the duration of the MBBS program 
  • Free maintenance allowance for the course irrespective of student’s success 
  • Accommodation, if provided by the university

You may contact the university’s international office to understand this comprehensive process. 

How to apply for scholarship program?  

  • Check the announcement published on the websites of the Rossotrudnichestvo or the Russian Embassy in your country 
  • Get information related to the nature of its cooperation with Russia. The reason being some countries have defining agreements based on the number of funded places and subjects
  • Register on the website with your personal information. As soon as, you fill the details, you will receive the status of your application. You will get a list of universities offering scholarship quota. You can choose any 6 universities. Not more than 3 in a Federal Constituency and not more than 2 in each state
  • Wait for the invite from the university to participate in the selection for the scholarship. Based on your country, tests, interviews, and examinations, the invite will be mailed to the aspirant or will be published on the website 
  • Based on the results of your tests and examination you can find your name on the list of selected students 
  • If selected, prepare some additional documents that you may need later. It may include a doctor’s certificate to confirm that you do not have any disease including HIV, and copies of documents translated to the native language of Russia. You may either submit the documents online or send a hard copy to the university. Also, notarize all the necessary documents in advance
  • Wait for the confirmation letter from the university. It will be informed to you by a representative of the united operator in your home country 

If you want to apply for the scholarship program in Russia, you may either contact colleges in Russia or contact Educon abroad for your help. You may write or call us for professional help. Educon abroad can help you achieve your dream to study MBBS or other courses in Russia. Check our other blog about facts on MBBS Russia

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