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Why choose MBBS in Ukraine?

Multiple reasons prove that why MBBS in Ukraine is one of the acknowledged options among Indian students. The following article will not describe the beauty of the place, living standards, places to explore, food you can eat, etc. Educonabroad, your study MBBS abroad consultant focuses on the crucial points that every student, as well as parents, have in their mind. 

Less fee as compared to India

The top and most important reason that has been attracting Indian students as well as parents is the low fee structure. Yes, in Ukraine, the fee for the MBBS program is much less as compared to India. In India, the fee structure to study in an Indian private college varies from 80 lacs to 1.5 crores. Whereas, in Ukraine, the fee structure is approx. 25-30 lacs 

Indian mess available in most of the universities

Indians are bound to get homesick if the homely environment or Indian food is unavailable. Don’t worry, most of the universities in Ukraine offer Indian mess for students. They offer vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. If you wish to cook yourself, Indian vegetables and fruits are also easily available 

Centrally heated hostels and universities

Being a more polar country, the temperature in Ukraine during winters may go below -5 degrees. Since Ukraine also cater to foreign students from other parts of the world, the students can’t withstand such extreme weather condition. Therefore, to ensure the comfort level of the students, most of the hostels and universities are centrally heated. To know how to choose the right medical college in Ukriane contact us.

Low student-teacher ratio

One of the most underrated yet crucial points is that the student-teacher ratio is low. In India, there is only one professor for 40-50 students in a batch. Whereas, in Ukraine, each professor teaches a batch of 15-20 students. It is essential for personalized training, better interaction between the teacher and students and ensures sound learning, etc. 

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) Format

After signing the Bologna process in 2005, the medical universities in Ukraine has upgraded itself to match the ECTS format of other European countries. According to this format, each student earns some credits based on their performance at medical college in Ukraine. While applying for postgraduate programs, these credits are useful in cross-checking the credibility of the student 

Opens gate for other European countries

Through ECTS format, it is easier for a student to apply for any European country. It is essential as it opens the gate for other European countries whether it is for higher education or to pursue a postgraduate course in MBBS, etc. 

English medium colleges

Countries like Russia and China have bilingual universities. Such universities teach the half course in English and another half in the native language. Whereas, in Ukraine, most of the universities are English medium. Although, they teach the basics of the native language for patient interaction in the clinical years  

Educonabroad has mentioned only a few benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine. To know more about the admission process or the scholarships offered, contact counselors at Educon abroad

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