Obtain student visa for Ukraine

From 2016, the number of students who want to study abroad in Ukraine has increased. Students have the option to choose from a variety of courses such as MBBS, aerospace engineering, biochemistry, business and economics, and other related courses, etc. MBBS in Ukraine is one of the most desired courses. Indian students, as well as students from other foreign countries, Why prefer Ukraine MBBS over any other country. Do you know why?

If you also want to study in Ukraine, you must check the eligibility criteria first. If you are eligible for the same, the next step should be to obtain a student visa for Ukraine

In the following article, Educonabroad will help you understand the same and documents required to complete the student visa application for Ukraine

Pre-visa requirements 

Before you apply for the student visa in Ukraine, make sure you have decided on the medical college/university. If you are unfamiliar with the process of how to choose the right Ukrainian medical college, contact us. As soon as you decide the medical college, apply for it. If your application is accepted, you will receive an invitation letter from the medical college. You may check the list of documents to be submitted for the college application here

When you will receive the invitation letter, make sure you keep it safe and secure. It is a crucial document to get a student visa and various other purposes. It contains all necessary details about you like your name, passport details, birth date, the course you have applied for, the duration of the course, etc. 

Student visa

The date you receive your invitation letter, you must apply for the student visa application the very next day. During the visa approval, you may have to face an interview with the consulate officer. The officer may ask you questions related to self, the course you have applied for, reasons why you have chosen Ukraine, where will you stay, etc. Make sure you answer all the questions confidently with a calm mind, it creates a positive image. Moreover, submit adequate financial documents to prove that you can support your accommodation, living expenses as well as tuition fee. 

Documents required

When you apply for the student visa application at Ukraine embassy, ensure that you have a hard copy of the following documents

  • An original copy of the invitation letter 
  • 10+2 mark sheet and certificates legalized by the Education Ministry in your native country 
  • An original copy of the birth certificate 
  • A health certificate approved by the health ministry not older than a month 
  • An original certificate of HIV negative certificate with at least a month validity 
  • 12 passport size photographs
  • Bank statements to prove your financial status that you are capable enough to support your fee, accommodation and living expenses. You must have at least $ 3,000 in your bank account for the approval 

The visa approval process may take a month and you may have to visit the consulate officer for clarifications. 

Things to remember 

When you receive the visa, make sure you share your date and time of arrival and details of the flight ticket with the college/university. It is important as the university will arrange everything for you in advance. 

Upon arrival, you will have to face an interview at the border control procedure. The officer will verify your details to ensure that you are a legitimate entry. 

Though Educonabroad has tried to untie each thread of questions, if you have any other queries related to the same, contact us on +91-84484 44235. To check whether Ukraine is a good option for you or not, click here. You may also write to our counselors at 

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